Explore The Beaker Bong

There are many bongs that exist out on the market and the beaker bong is one of the most classic type of bongs. The beaker bong looks alot like a straight tube bong except the beaker is wider with a thick base and a tall skinny neck. Below you will see an example of a beaker bong that can be bought at


What Makes a Beaker Bong So Popular?

Beaker Bongs are pupular because they can hold large ammounts of water and smoke. Beaker bongs are harder to spill which is great if you do not want to get dirty bong water all over your body.

How Do Beaker Bongs work?

To use a beaker bong simply heat the bowl and puff in through the top of the bong. Remove the blow and clear out the smoke chamber with your lungs. Beaker bongs filter the smoke by intaking the herb in the bowl through the water which filters the smoke. A larger beaker bong will tend to give smoother smoking hits then small beaker bongs just because the smoke has more time to cool down and get smoother in the larger capacity bongs.

How Do Beaker Bongs Compare to Other Types of Bongs?

Beaker bongs are mass produced by many glass makers so it would be one of the easiest types of bong designs to get your hands on. The simple design of the beaker bong also makes them very affordable and you can oftentimes get a bigger beaker bong then other shapes.

History of the Beaker Bong

It's unclear when we first started blazing the beaker bong, but the first bongs were in use over 2,400 years ago. The First bongs were made out of animal horns and primitive pottery…. So we have now come a long way because now our beaker bongs are made of glass!


Benefits of a Beaker Bong

Beaker base bongs have many advantages over other bong types, including large yet managed hits, enhanced filtration, ease of cleaning, and a solid table base that is robust.

Cost: The Beaker bong is low cost and you can find a good one for under 100 dollars in most online stores.

Durability: Most Beaker bongs are made out of a high quality borosilicate glass that is really hard to break

Features: most beaker bongs come with a diffuser downstem but you can also find beaker bongs with percoalators for more filtaration.